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                Serial Device Server
                Serial Device Server Networking Module & Chip P2P Products Wireless Products Remote IO Controller


                Power Monitoring

                Application of ZLAN Serial Device Server in Power Sub-station Remote Control


                The application of ZLAN Serial Device Server in substation, realize the network monitoring and remote monitoring of substation control devices...

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                New Energy

                The Serial Device Server realizing Factory Automation


                Using a computer to monitor remote devices is often used in factory automation. Here we use the Serial Device Server, PLC, configuration software...

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                PLC Monitoring

                Device Remote Control---- Mitsubishi PLC Remote Control Solution


                In this article, the remote control of Mitsubishi PLC is used as an example to describe the application of ZLAN networking products in remote control...

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                Medical Informatization

                Medical Informatization Remote Control Solution


                Currently the Device Remote Control is widely used in Medical Informatization

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                Access Control System

                Application of Serial Device Server in Intelligent Park


                In the example ZLAN5103/ZLAN5102 is used to convert the reading card information from RS485 into the network.

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                Power monitoring

                New energy

                PLC monitoring

                Medical information

                Access Control System

                News & Events